TOTAKEKE: Digital Exorcist CD Tympanik Audio


TOTAKEKE: Digital Exorcist  CD Tympanik Audio

Ten years and five albums later, Frank Mokros the man behind Synth-Etik brings us ‘Digital Exorcist’.  I have to admit that his debut ‘At the Train Station on a Saturday Evening’, is still my favourite piece of work from what now appears to be his main project, so as always I look to see if his latest output can top that.

Opening up with ‘Digital Exorcism (It All seemed Harmless)’, the subtle electronics are melded well in a sound that is altogether Totakeke in style.  Moderately paced soundscapes give way to earthy electronic beats, frenetic wiry stabs and sharp programming that slice through the speakers; altogether an impressive start.

This latest album is meant to be consumed as a whole and the seamless interaction between the songs portray this notion well.  ‘Virtual Intelligence’ provides a more upbeat platform with modern dance electro sensibilities where spots of digital interference pitter-patter amongst skipping pads and purposeful fluttering rhythms; which are further capitalised upon with the distorted beat of the manic, ‘Abomination’.

‘Digital Exorcist’, once again is another professional and engaging release, further adding weight to the relevance of this project.  Writhing with an emotional tension that carries across all of Mokros’ albums this is an excellent piece of work, although I am still searching for the essential ingredient that placed me in a particular space in time, as did his debut.


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