TINEIDAE: Lights CD Tympanik Audio


TINEIDAE: Lights  CD Tympanik Audio

Another digital release becomes a ‘proper’ one now this makes it to CD and rightly so.  Glitch laden electronics, undercurrents of ambient and fluttering harmonies are the main stimulus that perpetuates throughout this album; it’s a well-used medium, but one that Tineidae makes his own.

Intro ‘Torchlights’, folds wonderfully well into the majestic ‘Azure’; Space is given for the individual layers to shine brightly on a separate scale and complement one another, the beats merely providing a foundation for the harmonies to launch themselves off from, hit the stratosphere and float back down again, only to bounce off the trampoline of pads to meet the listener mid-way.

The production is a wave of blissful dreamscapes that the listener becomes enveloped within and whilst some of the scales remind me of many of my favourite artists within the genre, such is their immediacy; there is an originality within the DNA of this project that is unmistakeably Tineidae in his own right.

‘Lights’, does exactly what it states on the tin.  Every note shines through like a glowing orb; a field of fireflies that wave their presence intermittently on those long drives through the countryside at dusk.  Yes the songs all have a running theme and the same tools have been used track by track, but when it’s performed this well there is nothing to grumble about at all; glorious from start to finish.


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