R.ROO: Mgnovenie CD Tympanik Audio


R.ROO: Mgnovenie  CD Tympanik Audio

Opening up with the beautifully arranged piano work of ‘Vdokh’, it’s not hard to see why so many people wanted this initially digital only release to make it onto CD.  Setting a space in silence for the simple acoustics to resonate is the perfect way to open up this pitch black, yet calming affair that is simply characterised by the artwork (which I love).

Simplicity is the essential ingredient that moulds this album together.  ‘Medlenne’ utilises clean, layered strings and folding programmed beats that are forever stumbling forward without tripping over themselves.  The production is second to none giving necessary personal space to each element to capitalise on their individualities and further providing an easy transition on the ear.

‘Mgnovenie’ is a wonderfully bleak album, not necessarily drenched in black, but one that is constructed out of many shades of charcoal.  It’s easy to construct visuals to this electro acoustic bliss and mostly that is one steeped in film noir, devoid of colour but no less capturing a degree of brightness and hue amongst the darkness.

Okay, there is an underlying similarity amongst the majority of this 14-track opus.  The violin sections make their way onto the lion’s share of the songs and whilst some may feel this could be an over used medium, along with the piano are the only voices Roo needs to express himself with.  No matter how much he utilises these tools, for me it never stagnates, culminating in one of my better listens so far this year.



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