EPIDEMIA: Bradykardia CD Diskus Fonografika


EPIDEMIA: Bradykardia  CD Diskus Fonografika

Epidemia has been doing the rounds for some years now and Mexico’s Chuiy Bitios has always been deemed somewhat as an undercard to the distorted beat scene and maybe things will change somewhat with this latest release.

Opening up with scientific samples reading like the portfolio to a university thesis, things kick off in a fashion not too dissimilar to Converter’s seminal ‘Blast Furnace’ and as more focus lays within production this time around, sounding more effective in the process.  Track two capitalises on this with the layering of guitar noise providing an essential ambience for the electronic stimulus and earthly industrial sounds to hold weight.

‘Control y Bloqueo’ benefits from heavily leaning on Epidemia’s more electronic counterpart Chuibit; providing fresher perspectives to the work of this project that hasn’t been evident before.  Along with the dramatically charged soundtrack that is ‘Extension Sistematica’, it makes me wish Epidemia had concentrated his efforts in this direction many a year ago.

Eighties electronics seem to have really taken over Bitios’ mind-set as the title track is riddled with the influence, as much as this release is as a whole.  Indeed ‘Bradykardia’ in it’s own right is probably the most engaging track on this release for me, with its simplistic formula providing a much-needed respite from previous works with its newfound vigour.

If anything, Epidemia has all but abandoned the power-noise scene and concentrated on letting the music do the talking.  ‘Raid’ benefits from its rhythmical sections being evenly tempered with emphasis being squarely sat on the shoulder of nothing but the electronics with the beats taking a supporting role.

In the past my only criticism to Epidemia’s work has been that the production let the side down somewhat, however on this latest album that issue has been addressed and there is a wonderful simplicity to the approach of ‘Bradykardia’ that is heart-warming and a pleasure to listen to.  Undoubtedly this is the best album released by this project thus far.


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