DISHARMONY: Room 78 CD Tympanik Audio


DISHARMONY: Room 78  CD Tympanik Audio

I will openly admit that in the grand scheme of things I don’t really listen to the genre of music that Disharmony are tied in with anymore, indeed I haven’t for many years.  This Slovakian duo does make a good stab at it though, more so than many within their particular umbrella of electronic industrial, teetering on the edges of soundtrack bliss, as their opening gambit, the gloriously emotive title track attests to.

What does set Disharmony apart from others are their dynamics firmly set within simplicity.  Musically pleasing their blended electronics and key arrangements settle well on the ear in an opening-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-closer way and most of the tracks follow the same formula throughout providing both stability and listen ability.

There is something undeniably catchy about the majority of the work on this latest album, as with previous output that is endearing throughout.  I have to confess, for me the vocals don’t sit well at all, but that’s more down to personal taste than anything else and the evocative synth arrangements make up for all the lyrical rasping alone.

All in all, Disharmony have once again made a fine release that bridges two genres together with an innocence and clarity of vision as to what they represent, that should sit well with many a listener.


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