ZANDOS CORP: Personal Apocalypse CD Signifier


ZANDOS CORP: Personal Apocalypse  CD Signifier

Brazil’s Adriano Machado has been on the circuit producing music since 2005 and being aware of previous works I knew this album wasn’t going to be anything but riotous.

‘Connective Consciousness’ opens up this latest release with a mash of distorted (yet clean) beats and harmonies that gel surprising well considering how little they should mesh individually.  These seamlessly work in conjunction with the broken beats and breakcore of ‘Hostile Adaption’, being a prime example of Machado’s programming wizardry, of which is in no doubt once the rollercoaster of rhythms slide along gleeful harmonies and fluttering pads, stuttered to perfection.

If anything, the only fault with Zandos Corp is that collectively, some of the tracks differ little from one to the next if listened to as a whole (once your ears are swamped).  Of course there are exceptions to the rule such as the ludicrous ‘Hidden Wings’, teetering on the bat-shit insane; and to be honest, considering the quality of the dance-floor frenzy that is ‘Manasic Fields’, it’s only a minor quibble when you consider each song on a track by track basis.

Notably, Displacer makes an appearance, remixing the aforementioned ‘Hidden Wings’, constructing an entirely new composition, tethering the calamitous rage into a thing of beauty, whilst Hysteresis add their own insanity to ‘Requiem For Matter and Feelings’.

‘Personal Apocalypse’, holds its own against many of the releases from Machado’s peers.  If you fancy listening to an hour (or so) of quality breakcore and distorted beat with warped electronics and occasional glimpses of splendour then spend your hard-earned cash on this.



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