WOMEN SHOULD NOT DRINK ALCOHOL:  See You Next Tuesday  CD Signifier

I am all too aware of releases that rely on comedy as an outlet and how all of them fail.  Many albums of this ilk are steeped in self-indulgence and in-jokes, which, whilst being hilarious to the creator, rarely are to the listener… AT ALL.  I haven’t found one that has made me laugh once to this day.

So with some trepidation I pressed play on this collaboration from Noit Excev, Cervello Elettronico, and Sleep Clinic, sighing heavily at track titles such as ‘Hello, I am Eskil’ and ‘He pissed in a Trash Can in Noisex’s Dressing Room’.  I am sorry, it just smacks of “HEY EVERYBODY, LOOK AT US AND WHO WE HANG OUT WITH!!!11!!”, reading like some inane Facebook wall post from a drunken night out.  I repeat, comedy albums are NEVER funny unless it’s the individuals concerned.

So onto the music, which is fairly steady paced Industrial and electronics, with the occasional jaunt into distorted beat territory; mainly this is instrumental, highlighting my initial case in point.  If this has no lyrics, not sung by the likes of George Formby whilst he’s cleaning windows or whatever and devoid of any meaningful sample to instigate any reaction to the titles, or indeed the release at all, then what is the point in the concept chosen?

‘See You Next Tuesday’ doesn’t really offer anything new for the ears either.  There is many a moment on the album admittedly that could be mixed in a club to keep the kids dancing and with a little more consideration, there are elements on this that stand out as a precursor to going out on the razzle whilst getting ready.  If anything the misguided WSNDA sounds like a slightly less purposeful Powder Pussy, who at least utilised considered hook-line samples alongside a consistent concept.  I didn’t laugh with them either.


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