RM74: Two Angles of a Triangle 2xCD Utech Records


RM74: Two Angles of a Triangle  2xCD Utech Records

A massive wall of ambience and drones fall against your ears as a tsunami of sound the moment you hit play from this latest album by Reto Mäder.  These noises are blended as opposed to forced and the outcome is a rich amalgamation of soaring analogue and electronic hypnosis.

‘Spineless’ moves seamlessly onward with clever reverberated guitars and natural Dark Ambient.  Reminiscent of the mighty Swans, circa ‘Soundtracks For The Blind’, there’s not a lot on the release that’s not to like; a subtle blend of harmonies and juxtapositions of different elements are perfectly gelled to create a story for the listener.

Spanning a necessary two discs, this album provides a value for money jaunt into huge sonic explorations of drone work and sub ritualistic spaces, where walls of reverberation fall in on themselves.  The only track on this that lets the side down somewhat, ‘We Run in Vicious Circles’ feels misplaced and poorly judged; but considering the length of this release over 14 tracks, that’s not a bad percentage on the hit or miss ratio and whilst there is little to say about the songs on an individual basis, this is best consumed as one long massage of the senses.


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