M.TODD/L.KERR: Beyond The Threshold CDr No Visible Scars


M.TODD/L.KERR: Beyond The Threshold  CDr No Visible Scars

Things start off in fine form with low-end Dark Ambient and cold sub textures.  Range has been carefully managed along with pace, giving space for each individual element to be capitalised on at an audible level.

The tracks are untitled and this for me makes a lot of sense, as one song flows into the next seamlessly.  Drones are woven amongst other fractures of sound like a thread and whilst there isn’t much to differentiate from one piece to the next and with eight tracks spanning just over 35 minutes, this isn’t too overbearing either and easily consumed all as one act.

Okay, there isn’t much on here that I haven’t heard before if truth-be-told.  The thing is, I do adore my DA on a massive scale and for me albums of this ilk are either good or they’re not and there is no middle ground.  ‘Beyond The Threshold’, stands its ground in the former as a good Dark Ambient album; nothing amazing to launch it to the top end of the scale where the likes of Inade and Megaptera dwell, but standing on the lower rungs of that ladder with enough interest for the avid fan to consume.


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