STEPHEN MATHIUE: Un Coeur Simple CD Baskaru


STEPHEN MATHIUE: Un Coeur Simple  CD Baskaru

Featuring music based on the play and novel (first published in 1877) by Gustave Flaubert, I always approach such works with caution.  Usually such output is either really quite good, or mindless drivel misjudging what the originator envisaged. I haven’t read the novel and it’s unlikely I will see the play, so I approached this with an open mind.

‘Maison’ opens up the release with a warm ambient drone that meshes well into track two ‘Mèmoire’.  A sense of hypnosis and space takes over and it’s as if you are biting into a slice of cake made up of many layers, that your taste buds explore gradually as everything melts in your mouth.

Mathieu is travelling waters that have already been chartered; some of this is not too dissimilar to earlier works I have heard by The [Law-Rah] Collective and so forth.  It’s a tricky medium to get right and Stephan has managed it well.

As a whole, drone-work isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea and to a lot of people this will sound pretty much the same from start to finish.  For the rest of us, whilst this isn’t going to set the world on fire, there is much to be appreciated and some tracks along the way that differ from the norm; the cut up vocalisations on ‘Devenir Sourd’ being a prime example, sealing what is altogether, a solid if not generic release.


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