PIXEL: Mantle CD Raster Notion


PIXEL: Mantle CD Raster Notion

“Mantle’ is the fourth release on the Raster Notion label for this artist since 2003, with a further plunge into the world of gritty bass-infused, rhythmically charged electronics (if the press sheet is to be taken as gospel).

‘Line Level’ follows its title on a musical level with minimalist distorted machine heads providing a sparse, clinical space for everything to evolve from. Unfortunately, I expected everything to kick off and the even more minimal ‘Steel tape’ was a let down somewhat as a rather pointless foray into shoulder shrugging non-reactions.

Luckily, the electronic blips of ‘Plump Bob’ give the impression of a ‘Mantle Begins’. In some respects this is correct and what is to come with the cut and paste glitch interruptions of ‘Brown Shirt’ that at least carry some momentum.

Don’t get me wrong; I frequently relish excursions into genres such as this. However, whilst I see what Pixel is trying to convey there seems to be a lack of cohesion across the entire release. I have heard many artists perform ‘music’ such as this before on the Ant-Zen label and such like and indeed these are albums I still go back to.

With ‘Mantle’ unfortunately there is nothing to latch onto, and you feel like you are on the outside looking intrusively upon an artist who is just making noises for his own self-indulgence.


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