JASPER TX: An Index Of Failure LP Handmade Birds


JASPER TX: An Index Of Failure  LP Handmade Birds

It appears that this is going to be the last album from this Swedish composer, ending seven years of output and toil.  This is a real shame, as ‘An Index Of Failure’ displays a great aptitude for instrumentalism at the highest level.

‘Abandon’ opens up the proceedings with harmonies that signify that all has come to an end; a general feeling of what could have been and further enforced with the layered ambient drone-work of the spacious ‘In All Your Blinding Lights’.

An essence of hope rises with an undercurrent of piano that hides beneath the surface of bass hums, occasionally letting lights shine through the cracks with the course waves of sound that rise into the unobtrusive ‘Rivers Flow’.  There is a real sense of ‘goodbye’ with this album and TX doesn’t hold back on his emotions as they’re laid bare for all to witness.

‘Days Above the Tide’ is perhaps the most raucous number on this release; a pent up aggression that is firmly tethered like a wall of inner rage.  It’s a difficult medium to truly master, but Jasper has this nailed it in what is the last outing on this album and indeed unfortunately the last output we are likely to hear from him.  ‘An Index Of Failure’ ironically isn’t that at all, it’s an impressive final entry in the journal of an artist that has been criminally overlooked.


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