V/A: Art of the Muses CD Syrphe


V/A: Art of the Muses  CD Syrphe

There are reams of fantastic artists from the Far East, the excellent Moph Records holds testament to that; and now we have Syrphe providing us with works from Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang opens up this release with the ridiculously titled (or excellent depending how you see it) ‘The worlds top destinations for diving and skydiving’.  A barking mad array of shrieks and wails, that whilst do show her range, are just appalling to listen to.

Things don’t get any better come track two with Aki Ito subjecting the listener to some cock-handed field recordings.  I rarely like the medium, so it takes a fair whack of ingenuity to really get me interested. Along with Itta providing more of the same (on track 3) with whatever analogue instrumentation they are using, this nearly had me reaching for the eject button and snapping the CD in half.

There are electronic intersections along the way, but nothing worthy of note.  I am sure there is a market out there and they probably wank off to Z’ev albums.  Personally this kind of pointless pissing around infuriates me and I have far more productive things to do with my time (like sitting in silence, maybe) than listen to bollocks like this.


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