TASJIIL MOUJAHED: Moussafer  CD Syrphe

Tasjiil Moujahed is the collaborative output of Beirut’s Jawad Nawfal and the well-respected C-Drik.  Enveloped between the rather jazzy eye-bending cover we have nine tracks of exploratory ambient, and dub-step tinged electronics.

Opening up with the ever so Sci-Fi infused ‘Verlone Zeit’, things step up a pace with ‘Bin Ich Blind’ with its dub bass structure performing the role as the main foundation to an obscure electronic array of electronic blips and subtle pads and effectively unnerving whispered vocals; it’s an effective combination of sounds that provide a sinister feel to the proceedings.

For the most part TM play the same game over and over on the remaining tracks, but when the formula works there seems no reason to break the mould they have clearly set for themselves.  Old school EBM even raises its head on the latter stages of ‘Collapsing System’, coming across like an early Skinny Puppy and it’s a necessity on this release to show a slight variation in form.

Overall ‘Moussafer’ is a highly interesting and competent release that relies solely on undercurrents of atmosphere as opposed to smashing the listener in the teeth.  This approach won’t be for everyone, but the experimentation that can be a little too much for some to comprehend, has been firmly tethered into a cohesive listening experience for those that require something different.


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