LE DIKTAT / KIRDEC: Mourir de Bonne Heure CD Syrphe


LE DIKTAT / KIRDEC: Mourir de Bonne Heure  CD Syrphe

The politically ‘out there’ Le Diktat are an act that I thoroughly relish.  Couple this in collaboration with Kirdec (C-Drik) and on paper there are all the necessary ingredients to produce an absolute barnstormer of an album; if not the worry of how the varying styles will work together as one.

More of an intro than an actual song, we have the Cdrk remix of Le Diktat’s ‘Nihil’ blowing the cobwebs away as the opening gambit, perfectly poised for the bizarre warping electronics of ‘Vagues à Lames’, as these two partners in crime construct a clever mash of warm beats and peculiarities.

As always, when you bring Le Diktat to the table there is going to be an element of urban cool that has its toes dangling in the waters of Industrial, whilst retaining the commercialism of its hip-hop peers.  This accessibility has a devil on its shoulders however, in the ever-present Kirdec, pulling away at anything remotely mainstream and tossing it down the well of obscurity; the excellent ‘Made of Glass’ and ‘Illusions’ being prime examples of this in action.

‘Mourir de Bonne Heure’, it has to be said is the perfect compliment of two artists working in harmony with each other.  When separated this barely seems achievable when listening to each other works independently and whilst the tracks rarely differ from one to the next to any massive degree, the outcome is enjoyable in its entirety.


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