ALUVIANA: Toniča Negibnost CD Syrphe


ALUVIANA: Toniča Negibnost  CD Syrphe

Hand made artwork so each release will look different is a pretty neat way of going about your work and points to the limited quantities of this Slovenian artists release.  Badged as Dark Ambient, this is actually only a minor element to the album as a whole.

When Aluviana concentrates on this medium he does this to great effect; the rich, air driven quality of the pads provide a solid foundation to work on.  Occasionally this is abused with Power Electronics, but more often than not, the sounds of harmonicas and such-like; unfortunately this is where it all falls apart.

Too much concentration on dragging the listener into his own psychosis, Aluviana has forgotten that minimalism can be key weapon in any self-respecting DA producer’s arsenal.  Faffing around with obscurity and noise steers the listener away from anything tangible; and the unfortunate outcome, is a release that lacks any foreboding threat that they were ultimately trying to convey.



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