PRSZR: Equilirium CD Hinterzimmer Records


PRSZR: Equilirium  CD Hinterzimmer Records

Here we have an Austrian/Polish combo in the form of PRSZR (pronounced ‘pressure’), providing an electro/acoustic combination of forces as a full live studio recording.

The untitled (as in all the tracks) first number spans just over 14 minutes.  What starts off well with its ominous bass rumblings is steadily approached by an arrangement of clattering percussion and clawing electronic scrapes.  Unfortunately, this does become a mash of pointless improvisation as it enters its mid-way point and once the moaning vocals appeared on the horizon I would have immediately skipped track if it weren’t for reviewing purposes.

There’s simply too much of this about for me.  A whole genre of ridiculous experimentation where people seem to collectively assemble all their kitchen utensils in a studio and hit pots and lids with spoons whilst making tantric noises.  I presume they dance in their underwear at the same time, under the assumption they’ve reached a higher level of outer-worldly consciousness.

Releases like this (of which they’re in abundance), never fail to anger me.  This just sounds like a collective array of talentless drivel with no structure or meaning; maybe I’m missing the point, but when it sounds like this, that’s hardly a travesty.


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