LYCORISCORIS: From Beyond The Horizon CD Moph Records


LYCORISCORIS: From Beyond The Horizon  CD Moph Records

Organic sounding instrumentation composed by digital equipment is not a new idea, but it is one that has been honed to perfection by Tokyo artist Lycoriscoris.  Opening up with the happy go lucky ‘Oar’ this comes to the forefront immediately with jazz infused percussion and bass gradually scratched apart with harmonies and glitches that brought to mind some of the better numbers penned by the highly underrated, Emotional Joystick.

Cello infused Piano provides the backdrop to the fervidly stuttered title track next.  With a second to none production and programming skills worthy of the scenes best, the beautiful Japanese infusions that lay on the edge of the minor chords really tug at the heartstrings.

What truly makes this original for a Westerner is the subtle infusion of child-like female vocalisations (courtesy of Piana) sang in Lycoriscoris’ native tongue, only to be cut and wrapped amongst a bed of glitch-ridden beats and ambience, akin to sun drenched rainfall colliding with your emotionally spent body.  A lot of the sub-textures on ‘Daydreamer’ and indeed on a lot of the songs on this album are reminiscent of the mighty Fennesz; and that’s no mean feat.

Caught off guard, it’s nice to receive albums by a label that I haven’t really heard much from.  With this release and other works sent, it would be impossible for me not to hunt down this artists back catalogue and indeed make the effort to hunt out more of their roster.  For something new to listen to, it might be wise of us to focus our attention on the land of the rising sun, where the range of quality in a lot of cases, surpasses our own.


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