THE INFANT CYCLE: Drop-Out Center CD Zhelezobeton

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THE INFANT CYCLE: Drop-Out Center CD Zhelezobeton

Celebrating 20 years of musicianship, Canadian producer Jim DeJong has had this limited abstract release produced on quality Russian label Zhelezobeton. The Infant Cycle are not going to appeal to everyone out there, indeed there are elements of this projects output that can make me grit my teeth.

The self-titled intro is a short affair of stabbing industrial that is all too brief for me, before drifting into the lengthy stuck-groove vinyl sounding repetition of ‘Pipe’, which does eventually generate interest as rising machine hum ambience is introduced in later stages.

D-OC is one of those affairs I can love and hate with equal measure. There are moments of genuine obscure pleasure, such as the audio damaged ‘Pool Skin’, with its wonderful skipping drones that are an effective mash of sounds mirroring IDM without the beats.

Along the way there are varying degrees of Dark Ambient which work well because of their cohesive structures, but quite often there are skittish interruptions along the way that borderline on madness, but without the car crash ghoulishness that makes us sit up and take notice. Removal of such disastrous messes such as ‘Acid Chicken’, and other washes of ridiculous noise (for the sake of it, it seems) just damage the obvious talent and qualities DeJong evidently possesses.



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