PULSATING CYST: Horrible Signal 7” Obfuscated Records


PULSATING CYST: Horrible Signal  7” Obfuscated Records

Hurrah for vinyl!  An even bigger hurrah for glow in the dark vinyl!  I love the fact that someone out there is bothering producing 7”s nowadays and even happier with the effort over standard black wax.

A horrible signal this may be, but with 3 tracks of live action comprising of sub current electronics and low emitted frequencies warms the cockles for me somewhat when the mood takes me; even if the analogue emissions in the form of loud shrieking noises aren’t altogether my bag.

As with all formats of this ilk, the sheer lack of time you are given to soak it all up, provides a limited amount you can say about a release; the simplest thing to do of course is just to play the record again.

The beauty with ‘Horrible Signal’ is in fact, that it’s not that horrible.  Yes, to a lot of people this will seem like a whole heap of pointless squelches and yes, this would probably work better sat in a dank underground club watching the artist perform with visual accompaniment.  But as it stands this is a great little trinket to play on one of those vinyl days when you skip through your 7” collection from one record to the next going through as many as you can in one sitting; a surprisingly heart warming and pleasant listen that deserves numerous repeat plays, and wonderfully collectable too.


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