COREPHALLISM: s/t 3” CD Lascivious Aesthetics


COREPHALLISM: s/t  3” CD Lascivious Aesthetics

Has to be said, I haven’t heard much of this artist until this neat little 3” and 10” vinyl dropped through the door and I am more than impressed.

This little 2 tracker comprises of ‘Speaking in Tongues’ and ‘These Scars Will Last a Lifetime’.  Both display a good ear for a perfect blend of Dark Ambient and Power Electronics; the latter track providing the more brutal output of the two and relying less than its colleague on drone-work.

Personally I do prefer it when Broderick concentrates his effort on his pad-work, as this is where he ultimately shines.  Unfortunately there is less on this CD of this formula than on his split extended player with Gnaw Their Tongues, but none-the-less I am quite partial to some blistering noise now and again and this mini episode more than whets the pallet.

With such a small offering to review when it comes to releases of this nature it’s a struggle to really go in depth, but all I can say is that you should check this guy out and pick up the 10” for a better representation of what he can do.


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