COREPHALLISM / GNAW THEIR TONGUES: Split 10″ Lascivious Aesthetics


COREPHALLISM / GNAW THEIR TONGUES: Split  10″ Lascivious Aesthetics

Neat little split 10” here opening up with the ambient tones of Corephallism.  It doesn’t take long for inky drones to layer themselves thickly upon themselves before an undercurrent of machine grinding noise fills in the gaps underneath, giving ‘Abandonment’ some weight and setting the bar fairly high for the rest of the proceedings.

‘Rapes of Convenience’ is up next, smoothly taking off from where the opening number left us.  This time its an ever so slightly visceral angle grinder of noise, that whilst remaining caustic does not overtake the balance of frostily harsh vocals and chimes of sound that echo like an old iron gate coming to a close.  Corephallism clearly has his head screwed on with the mix and the end result is more than impressive.

Gnaw Their Tongues is next up with his range of Dark Ambient with a smattering of Power Electronics.  This time everything has a more field recordings ethos, as I feel this is where he got the main body of work to build a foundation.  Whilst remaining a very good representation generically, ‘A Moral Guide to Self-Castration and Necrophilia’ does become awash in its own surroundings and whilst being more than competent does surrender to the fact that his partner in crime produced a more cohesive and intelligent counterpart to this release.

Overall though, this is a quality collectors’ item for the avid noise aficionado, with a finely tuned balance between the harsh and oppressively bleak.


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