VLADISLAV DELAY: Kuopia CD Raster Notion


VLADISLAV DELAY: Kuopia  CD Raster Notion

This is Delay’s second full-length album featuring a barrage of cut up and driven hypnotic beats and chopped up pads from the off with ‘Vastas’; a simple formulae that repetitively builds with layer upon layer of stuttering harmonies providing an altogether disjointed, yet effective psychosis.

Simple is more and no one is more aware of this that VD.  Whilst remaining ultimately modern to its core, ‘Kuopia’ draws influence from many; ‘Hetkonen’ has the touch of early Cabaret Voltaire electronically, melded with modern day glitch sensibilities and providing a dash of originality.

Musically, Delay makes me think of where Tim Hecker could have been now had he not gone down the art wank route earlier in his career.  What starts off as a non-entity is disguised the monster it will become. Take into account ‘Osottava’, with its simplistic electronics exploding into a monstrous wall of delayed dance and beats, just about holding themselves together with the threat that they could stumble at any given time.

Obscure yet palatable, commercial, yet as far from that realm than you can get, this second album is a wonderful collection of non-IDM warped electronics, that couldn’t be any more related to that genre if they tried and I dare say VD is not even attempting club membership; an excellent, forward-thinking release.


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