HEATHERED PEARLS: Loyal LP Ghostly International


HEATHERED PEARLS: Loyal  LP Ghostly International

Breathing hypnotic ambience is the order of the day when dealing with a Heathered Pearls release.  With light washes of drifting pads that polish the heart, audibly the music on this album relates thematically with the subject matter.

It’s hard for me when ambient like this is transferred to vinyl though.  I once again struggle to see where a listener can completely immerse themselves in the story being told if you have to get up and switch the record over on the turntable; kudos to the label though for this being produced on wax.

Song by song there is little on this release to set the tracks apart as they all utilise a similar structure with regards to an introduction, middle section and epilogue, albeit with different key-notes.  However, if relaxing with your head on a pillow letting your worries float away is your thing, there isn’t much on this LP you won’t like.  That is, if you don’t mind the momentary interruption of changing sides.


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