AKIRA KOSEMURA: It’s On Everything + CD Someone Good


AKIRA KOSEMURA: It’s On Everything + CD Someone Good

For the first two tracks of this album it appears that this is going to be a purely piano based affair; whilst brilliantly executed, this could have been a little tedious over the space of 14 tracks. Thankfully there is a touch of IDM and electronica to warm the cockles somewhat as well.

Kosemura approaches his work from the gentler side of the rails. Pitter-patter chimes and harmonies ride over light bass tones and the occasional glitch, giving rise to an impressionistic viewpoint that all is well with the world.

Akira does focus his work on the latter half of the album mainly through the medium of piano again. I would have liked to see more variation, but there is nothing about his work that is wrong, as he plays incredibly well.

‘It’s On Everything+’ is one of those albums that I could sit with, looking out from a window staring at the sea on a quiet Sunday afternoon as rain lightly drizzles against the glass. There’s nothing amazing about the album as a whole, but it does have purpose and its gentle keys capture a mood to great effect.


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