TREHA SEKTORI: Endessiah CD Cyclic Law


TREHA SEKTORI: Endessiah  CD Cyclic Law

You have to hand it to the Cyclic Law label, they have come on in leaps and bounds where other homes of such output seem to be on the decline. It should come as no surprise though, as to date I have yet to find anything amongst their roster that hasn’t screamed ‘quality’; ‘Endessiah’ by the French “Treha Sektori’, cements this further.

The title of this album translates as “To let go of everything” and this release as a whole captures this statement to pinpoint perfection.  The ambience displayed on ‘Endessiah’ rises from the blackest of wells, soaring to the stratosphere, providing a mirror opposite of emotions that are gelled together with a heavy gravitational pull.

Attention to detail sets this monster of a release apart from most.  The beats that steadily prevail throughout the album hit like a hammer to the chest, whilst the ghostly apparitions of sound filter through as frost tinged pads scything through the inky black gloop of oozing Dark Ambient.  A range of instrumentation is utilised; and subtle guitar drones and harmonies really sit well in the mix.

There isn’t one particular stand out track on this album.  This entire release is a monolithic slab of splendour from start to finish and has to be consumed as a whole.  With a mighty production to boot, ‘Endessiah’ provides six tracks of some of the most thought-provoking, engaging headspaces you could ever stumble across.


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