SIYANIE: Shining of Unity CDr Moonsun Productions


SIYANIE: Shining of Unity  CDr Moonsun Productions

As it’s probably well known, I do like my ambient for the majority of the time, steeped in thick black tar and set against the backdrop of a castle ruin in some forgotten valley whilst it perpetually pisses it down with rain.  I do now and again however, enjoy blissful spaces where lighter ranges of sun-kissed ethereal pads can warm my bones; ‘Shining of Unity’ does, for the most part, edge somewhat into that category.

Taking aside the annoyance of a smattering of tantric bells, there is a lot on this release that I thoroughly enjoyed; notably, ‘The Heart of Space’, paying careful attention to layering and range.   The hypnotic air filled quality of pads set alongside pitched drones reminded me somewhat in part, of the much ignored and forgotten ‘Die Schlangenkönigin’ by His Divine Grace.

Whereas the opening two tracks of this album were a little too ‘happy’ for me, the latter half and especially the last track I mentioned, set aside a corner for contemplation and reflection; two ingredients that remain essential when attempting to produce music of this genre.  A whole release worth of this albums epilogue would be something wholeheartedly appreciated and something I would love to entertain on any forthcoming output by this project.


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