NEZNAMO & SIYANIE: Sonans CDr Moonsun Productions


NEZNAMO & SIYANIE: Sonans  CDr Moonsun Productions

Ritualistic ambient, is one of those subject matters, which raises many an emotion in me; usually anger.  I tend to find the whole genre a great test of endurance on the listening scale and find many of the artists out there in this field, Z’ev included, as time consuming drivel.

‘Sonans’ instilled worry initially when the flute like sounds started filtering through the mix and looking at the track listing I was absolutely mortified at the realisation that the album comprises of one track, clocking in at just under 40 minutes.

Thankfully, a lot of the live show on offer does travel through varying degrees of ambience and psychedelia bringing a bit more to the table that the usual waffle of tantric chimes and thought provocation in the form of hessian rugs.  Not to say that N&S doesn’t flirt with such meanderings; they do, by the bucket load.  Unfortunately for me, it’s this kind of self-indulgence that makes my teeth clench and fists itch.

When this collective set their mind to it they do have a good ear for mind-altering ambience and a good ear for spatial awareness sound-wise.  With the avoidance of Tibetan monasteries and incense sticks Neznamo & Siyanie could produce work that would actually make me sit up and take note for the entire duration of their performance as opposed to the momentary intersections on this joint effort.


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