LEAN LEFT: Live at Café Oto CD Unsounds

LEAN LEFT: Live at Café Oto  CD Unsounds

On the whole I have been liking the output from the Unsounds label; challenging me with new and worthwhile experiences listen by listen.  Unfortunately this latest release falls flat on its face.

As stated within the title of this two-track album, this is a live CD that provides a fully improvised live set of collaboration.  Mainly comprising of drums and sax, this obviously slots into the Jazz realm of “anything goes”; although that doesn’t necessarily mean “anything good” will come of it.

Unfortunately for me this whole release is just way too messy, with rhythm sections falling over themselves and struggling to fight for supremacy over the rest of the instrumentation.  I can imagine this most likely being fun in a smoky bar with a beer in hand once the alcohol hits the senses, but on CD it’s barely listenable.


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