LAN FORMATIQUE: The Sadness of Distances CD Signifier

LAN FORMATIQUE: The Sadness of Distances  CD Signifier

It’s seems like its taken an eternity for this debut proper to get a release and one wonders if there isn’t already another album ready in the wings from Lees due a release date soon.

Personally I know the challenges that have faced Gavin and the relationship he will have with this album and the key elements emotionally, have been translated to sound for all to hear;  ‘Home? Is Run No More’ probably sums it all up in one track.

LF fuses the dramatic elements of emotional electronics and organic instrumentation into his own style with a nod to other artists out there that have walked this path many a time before.  Thankfully though there is more than enough of his own stamp on each track to make it his own, such as the fantastic ‘Airspaces’ and ‘1st March 1990’ with more emotional attachment glued within its DNA than a puppy has for a new found foster family.

As a whole there isn’t a lot to separate the tracks on this release as they all flow seamlessly from one to the next, or to make it stand out from any of the acts that have been doing the rounds for a while, but as I mentioned before this has been a long time completed and waiting for release; therefore there can be no real finger pointing at those that think this lacks anything different when comparing artists within this genre.

On the whole, the grammatically uncomfortable ‘The Sadness of Distances’ is a solid, true to himself, heartfelt release with a couple of mixes at the end from Subheim and Detritus to round things off.  Apart from a few production grumbles this is a fine debut.  I hope the next one doesn’t take so long to surface.


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