This is the second album by this Brooklyn based synth trio, providing an electronic landscape of clean cut pads and for what is the most part, straight forward rhythmical sections.

I find a lot of the electronica I listen to nowadays veering towards the more IDM spectrum of the field and ‘OFF/ON’ immediately provided a refreshing jaunt through straight to the point hooks and lead elements that were not only engrossing, but induced a fair amount of head nodding in their simplistic approach.

With variants on the group name as the track listing, ‘Forma286b’ along with its colleagues lean more often than not on an almost pop-like 80’s ethos that whilst doesn’t sound specifically like any other act I have heard before, does veer towards the familiar.  Whilst treading old ground there is an overall spark of originality to compensate for any finger pointing that may ensue.

Whilst there are positives in abundance the only negatives I can muster up about this release is that after a while there is a wanting for something different for what’s on offer; the early Depeche Mode-isms of ‘Mécanique’ did stretch things somewhat for me, even if consummately professional for the most part.

Altogether though, this latest instalment is a happy-go-lucky, pleasant album that fans of modern electronics coupled with a nod to past influences will relish; and the closing ‘Forma315’ is a multi-layered analogue joy to behold.


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