EMERALDS: Just To Feel Anything CD/LP Mego

EMERALDS: Just To Feel Anything  CD/LP Mego

It’s not often the hairs on my arms are raised within minutes of listening to an album, but this latest release from Emeralds sent shivers up my spine in little to no time at all as well.  Opener, ‘Before Your Eyes’ drifts with glorious ambient qualities that disguise its destination well.   Just over two minutes into this introduction we are treated to an approach that mimics the better hooks of Bitcrush and later Gridlock, with a clinical execution that fans of these projects will benefit from immediately.

‘Andrenochrome’ epitomises those film soundtrack qualities that provide viewers with years of memorable sparks of imagery, coupled with the emotional attachment of expressive musicianship.  This is followed up with the evocative ‘Through and Through’, that is gentle and involving.

The remainder of ‘Just To Feel Anything’ flitters between analogue electronics and subtle, weaving ambient that is smattered with moments of shoegazing and post-rock bliss.  Whilst not as immediate as their predecessors, there is an overwhelming beauty that is as characteristic on these latter numbers as anything that has come before.  It’s not often I immediately drag an album to my phone for listening pleasure on my way to work and fans of the N5MD label should lap this release up with gusto.


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