There is an old school Hands ethos that as the label grows and artists evolve, less attention has been paid towards.  Wieloryb, fit firmly within that older category with a stable barrage of hypnotic and reliably precise distorted beat and sampling with ever so evident machine like scrapes and grind.

There is a lot to like with ‘Namaste’, if crushing, pounding rhythms are your thing.  It’s a formula that has been tried and tested by many of the artists on the label and whilst it’s brilliant to see them take on new avenues, it’s also testament to them that they still release artists of this ilk.

Okay, there isn’t much on here that you won’t have heard before.  You can name the artists at the drop of hat that sound like Wieloryb, such as Greyhound for one; and its firmly set in stone that if you like the aforementioned you will relish this release with gusto.  Of course there is little to differentiate between the tracks, as so often is in this case and it’s near impossible to name anything that stands out on its own, which of course means you can play this release seamlessly from start to finish without any undue surprises.

The only real downside to this album is that the repetitive nature and lack of variation does veer towards becoming switched off as the relentless percussion numbs your senses.  However, as a destructive machine Wieloryb could be somewhat devastating in the live arena, where I feel this would be better suited.



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