SYNTECH: Trans-Neptunian Objects CD HANDS

SYNTECH: Trans-Neptunian Objects  CD HANDS

Limited space related release here from Syntech and one that rides its theme perfectly.  The tribalism infused rhythmical sections and electronic blips and pads of ‘Pluto’, providing a lounge driven jaunt as if you were the passenger of a drifting satellite making its path through to the outer regions of our solar system, paying homage to the mysterious micro planet (or whatever it has been termed as now) on your journey into the unknown.

A blistering asteroid belt of noise and distorted beat provides a more treacherous journey on ‘Haumae’, next.  Unrelenting beat after squelching beat ricochets from speaker to speaker, whilst tense electronics give a greater sense of urgency to the proceedings.

There is something refreshing about this latest album that I can’t put my finger on; the formula on T-NO, that whilst has been capitalised by others before, reeks of its own originality. ‘Orcus’ is a prime example of this, with a tried and tested mash of break-beats that have been given new life with a raucous exchange of grinding hooks and unrelenting fury that never loses sight thematically of the release as a whole and I can imagine this being an absolute belter live on stage.

‘Sedna’ takes the release from strength to strength, with fury contained, but never tamed by wonderfully distorted sci-fi synth work. Chopping and changing as further elements are added to the mix there is something remarkably invigorating that lifts this latest output of Stefan Lehman into the stratosphere and beyond.

For some unbeknown reason I didn’t expect that much before I hit play on this latest jaunt and I have been given insight into an artist that is a hidden gem amongst the Hands stable.  Only greater things can come should Lehman stay on the chosen course programmed into his star chart.


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