Previous works by Hysteresis, whilst remaining thoroughly enjoyable, more often than not had my nerves on edge and leaned to being somewhat bat-shit insane.  It was with great pleasure then to hear the announcement then that ‘Manifest’ had taken a more structured, but no less bonkers route.

Opener ‘We Do Not Forget’ fuses Prodigy laden synths with less chaotic beats than expected and rhythmical metal laden guitar work, albeit without the necessary urgency of the artist this track emulates so clearly.

‘Sektarism’ becomes awash in its own madness and is thankfully reeled in with some form of cohesion, with a slick rhythmical section and old school electronic industrial; unfortunately a third of the way through, this is annihilated with Ragga-isms and old school Prodigy keys.

I remember being disturbed, but captivated by older work such as ‘Will + Representation’; the lunacy had a surprisingly likable form to follow.  Unfortunately, on ‘Manifest’ this recipe has been left in the cooker far too long with a mash of misplaced Dub-Step wobbles and ill-fitting pretentiousness spilling out over the pot.

Too much emphasis has been placed here on trying too hard at creating something that they’re clearly no longer able to balance.  Rather than being the securely tethered outfit they once were, we have an overworked album that not only is structured badly, smacks of immaturity and attention seeking idiocy, which is a shame when the title track on its own provides so much evidence of their actual ability.


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