GEISTFORM: Data Transmission CD HANDS

GEISTFORM: Data Transmission  CD HANDS

I have been an admirer of Geistform’s work for some time now.  There is something remarkably understated about his glitch-beat and machine-head bass that is so undeniably easy on the ear.

On ‘Data Transmission’, you could be forgiven upon hearing the opening ‘M-Metric’, that this release is going to be more of the same.  Indeed, I myself was lured into this false sense of security that was immediately shattered the moment the electronic surge of ‘Planck Limit’ oozed through the speakers, with its greater sense of urgency and presence.

The only downside to this release remains with the argument that many have stated before with regards to the project as a whole.  You have to truly appreciate Geistform for what it is and even I found myself distracted at key intersections throughout the album, with many tracks gliding from one to another without any striking element to separate them and I believe more concentration should be placed in this area on further output.

That’s not to say there is anything bad about ‘Data Transmission’, quite the opposite in fact; there are some truly glorious moments where Rafael’s genius shines tremendously.  Take the latter stages of ‘Alba’ with its superb adaptation of soundtrack pad-work, or the visceral caverns of ambience that whistle through ‘Information’, to the IDM formulation of ‘Fermions’.  Undeniably, there is an alternative side to Geistform that has limitless possibilities; I just want more of these sparks to burn there way through the safety net of what he has been producing, in the future.



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