TATTERED KAYLOR: Selected Realities DVDr/CDr Moozak

TATTERED KAYLOR: Selected Realities  DVDr/CDr Moozak

As this is my initial introduction to the works of Australian artist Tessa Elieff, I decided on the CD first.  It must be ‘unlucky field recordings day’ for me, as once again this is another release that falls firmly within the nail-biting genre I term as ‘pissing around pointlessly’.

Elieff has a fascination with microphones and the techniques required within, to capture audio in a multitude of ways.  Once again another ‘artist’ of this ilk has placed a whole heap of time energy into recording rubbish, when they could be actually concentrating their efforts into something fruitful; 5:27 of birds tweeting, would be time better spent if I was sat in a field with a picnic listening to them on my own. In fact anything would be time more appropriately utilised than this and no amount of lifeless ambient drones either side will save a project, or my sanity.

I simply couldn’t be bothered even taking the DVD out of the case.  A lot of field recording artists, whilst comprising of absolute zero talent, can still make me smirk; this doesn’t.  We only have one life and Tattered Kaylor has wasted many minutes of mine that I will never ever get back.


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