SHHH…: Afterglow 3”CDr ep Thisco

SHHH…: Afterglow  3”CDr ep  Thisco

I love my oddities and collect three inch CD’s, so this put a smile on my face the moment it dropped through the door.  Admittedly, a lot of the time there isn’t a whole heap on offer from such a format, but I love the novelty value.

The last two releases I reviewed by this artist were fairly solid affairs.  Decent rhythmical noise, that whilst isn’t going to set the world alight, does have a place within the genre and a firm foundation on which to expand.  “Afterglow’ thankfully, is the first step on that journey.

A remix of ‘The Thief’ opens up this EP with gusto; distorted beat with proper grinding, slick bass lines that ultimately smacks of originality.  Whilst most artists approach their work firmly from an electronic perspective, Shhh… dares to tamper with analogue intersections that are now assisting the project in labours that could make it stand out from the crowd.

‘Inside Every Storm’ and the title track follow, heading off down pathways we have heard before from this artist, but with a wider horizon in mind.  Masses of swirling ambient and machine-head hums swirl and rattle against each other, whilst brief encounters with beauty seep through the cracks.  It’ this new found attention to detail that was missing from previous works and paves the way for the next full-length, that could prove to be quite special should it be an expansion of this current form.


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