LATA: Starlings CD Exotic Pylon

LATA: Starlings  CD Exotic Pylon

Jacob Burns composed this album based on two life experiences.  First, was an aural encounter that transpired from leaving a 36-hour train journey and as he exited the station he was swamped with the sound of birds.  You got it; these were Starlings.

The second life-changing event was when Burns moved to London and was taken aback from the intervention of the East London railway extension.  I could go on, but really, do you want me to?

I am being a trifle harsh.  I have spent most of the day writing reviews, most of which suffer from a lack of any form of ‘music’ whatsoever and admittedly, ‘Starlings’ starts out well with a gripping ambience that did manage to keep me enthralled for the first five minutes or so.

The remainder of the album is awash with varying scopes of disjointed reality that in some way makes sense when taking on board the subject matter Burns has attached to it.  There is an unrelenting, but welcome psychosis that filters through the rafters of this release, but unfortunately, this is lost in translation the further you journey onward.


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