FRANCISCO MEIRINO: Untitled Phenomenas in Concrete CD Cave

FRANCISCO MEIRINO: Untitled Phenomenas in Concrete  CD Cave

The first phenomena I actually encountered with this album was how to actually get the CD out; gritting my teeth in the realisation that I was intentionally required to tear the sleeve at the seam.

Spanning one long track at near 38 minutes it took three years for Meirino to compose this from 2008 to 2011, utilising a digitised tablet and computer with field recorded audio manipulated via a vector display.  This all sounds pretty impressive, but this would only be worthy of applause if the results were spectacular; of which they’re not.

Falling snow, cracking bones and such like might have provided an element of entertainment for Francisco whilst he ventured on various expeditions to source these recordings, but they mean little when translated to CD for the enduring listener to swallow.  I can think of no greater waste of my time than sitting through a collection of hisses and whistles, pots and pans falling over (sounds like that) or whatever, than actually enjoying actual music.

I am sure there are plenty of desperate folk out there who sit in dark, dank rooms subjecting themselves to this on a day-by-day basis, most likely needing some specialist form of mental health care and corks on their forks so they don’t hurt themselves at lunch time.


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