THE NULLL COLLECTIVE: De Monstris CD Aesthetic Death

THE NULLL COLLECTIVE: De Monstris  CD Aesthetic Death

What is immediately obvious with this album is the absolutely abysmal production.  The most surprising factor (or so it appears), is that this is purely intentional; which in all honesty actually works in the albums favour.

Clanging chimes, painfully slow distorted guitars and Death Metal vocals pave the way for a solid, if not entirely original concept, but is effective at rattling the cobwebs somewhat and provides a fairly representative interpretation of what the lower divisions produce throughout the genre.

Listening to ‘De Monstris’ though, is a lot like pulling teeth.  Moving along at a snails pace at best, there were moments that I felt myself nodding off, only to find myself laughing out loud and feeling the urge to repeatedly head-butt my desk mid-way through the ludicrously covered ‘Silent Night’; never mind lads, at least you put a smile on my face.


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