HAIKU FUNERAL: Nightmare Painting CD Aesthetic Death

HAIKU FUNERAL: Nightmare Painting  CD Aesthetic Death

The opening structures of this release sound like the backdrop to an 80’s US crime thriller; a peculiar introduction to what is overall, an avant-garde mash up of electronics, analogue bass and percussion.

Considering the overt leanings towards Black Metal image wise, slap jazz bass ultimately threw me as it slithered through a wash of epic electronics and vocals that drifted between standard metal and guttural screams.  If anything this made for a more uncomfortable listen than all out BM.

Credit has to be given for Haiku Funeral for trying something that I honestly haven’t heard much of, if at all.  In the originality stakes there is a lot to be said about ‘Nightmare Painting’, it takes a great deal of bravery to tamper with this kind of obscurity and they get points for that alone; coupled with an obvious talent for the bizarre, future leanings could produce something special if they focus their attentions to structure and form.

What this album lacks is a decent production.  More often than not the rhythmical sections are swamped, regressing into a turgid oozing mass of tame thumps and pattering clicks.  Given this duo’s attention to detail regarding obscurity, this is a somewhat disappointing release where fleeting glances of splendour make way for what is an ultimately bland affair that wallows in its own self-importance.


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