TONIKOM: Found and Lost CD Hymen Records

TONIKOM: Found and Lost  CD Hymen Records

It’s been two years for this third release for Hymen Records to appear from Rachel Maloney’s Tonikom.  Two long years of contemplation, regarding her creative output under this banner and rediscovering her emotional building blocks of this project.

‘Across its Glassy Surface’, represents an essential catharsis.  Understated rhythmical programming allowing for a wash of soulful, breathing pads and gentle harmonies that travel gently through the speakers like the waking from a long uninterrupted slumber.

Once more we have wonderful collection of tracks that cover a wide range of electronic music as a whole.  Light spangles of wiry blips and chimes whirl and sporadically spit out over random, yet intentional percussion encompassing the basic key factors of IDM, break-beat and modern ambient dub sensibilities; never more so evident than on the fantastic chamber echoes of ‘Stumble’.

What we have with ‘Found and Lost’ is a slight deviation from the norm more often than not.  The tendency to side step into different territories provides a welcome change in form, with light dance sub-plots evolving into the core structure of Tonikom, with the wonderfully modern ‘Lost to the Flames’, providing the listener with a possible future avenue that this venture may take form and evolve within.

Angina P and Haujobb end this latest release with standard but effective remixes that befit the styles they individually bring to the table.  I am always a bit wary of remixes closing the show, but these do not detract from what is, all in all, an outstanding resurgence of an act that has taken a well deserved break.


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