TERMINAL11: Self Exorcism CD Hymen Records

TERMINAL11: Self Exorcism  CD Hymen Records

Static cut and paste backwards sampling open this latest album from Terminal11 with the introductory ‘Runs From the Rain’.  A sturdy yet oozing pace that reeks of its own psychosis, formulating into track two ‘Paralysis’, introducing warping bass and sub undercurrents of slick, yet ever so slight dub-step isms.

Things step up a gear on ‘Start Over’ as the lunatics are slowly released from their shackles.  The electronics are off-key and a barrage of pitter-pattering beats collect into a landslide that gradually collects momentum on its descending fall.

Whilst the talent is fairly obvious, I struggled a great deal to warm to this album as a whole.  The collective mash of so many sporadic and messed up patterns that fall over themselves far often than I presume is intentional, left me far too detached to become involved as a listener.

I commend the skill of programming displayed; indeed the light-hearted approach to playful intersections throughout the album, but for me the soul of this project has been firmly tethered and restricted, leaving behind a competent release that unfortunately provides no opening to join the party they’re clearly revelling in.



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