SONIC AREA: Music For Ghosts CD Ant-Zen/Audiotrauma

SONIC AREA: Music For Ghosts  CD Ant-Zen/Audiotrauma

Arnaud Coëffic of Chrysalide and Audiotrauma fame co-releases this latest project with the excellent Ant-Zen.  With an almost lucid fairy tale approach to electronica, fused to an alternative approach to the steam punk aesthetic, the resulting album presented crosses many a boundary whilst remaining tethered to an industrial platform.

Thematically rolling along like wired up cabaret of bizarre electronic performance, simplistic bleeps and beats provide a landslide of drama more often than not, as is blatantly evident and none more personified by the combination of ‘The Endless Staircase’ and ‘Eureka’; the latter oozing pomp and circumstance, that rides its overindulgences well.

There is an aura of genuinely original concepts throughout, which remains remarkably familiar to the listener.  A touch of the bizarre creeps within every nook and cranny, providing a diverse tapestry of styles that transcend a lot of modern day electronica; tiptoeing on the edges of the obscure, ever threatening to fall off the ledge.  The emphasis is heavy on waiting for the release to fall over and become a mash of wasted talent, indeed you are almost expecting a disaster to happen; the clever programming skills involved however are one step ahead and every chop and stab of lunacy is firmly chained to the floor.

“Music For Ghosts’ is one of those excellent albums that comes around rarely and should be embraced by all fans of obscure and playful electronica, with a penchant for industrial theatre.


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