LINGOUF: Terre de Pierres CD Ant-Zen

LINGOUF: Terre de Pierres  CD Ant-Zen

Vincent Lingouf has been providing a steady consistent plethora of sounds amongst his hefty release schedule over the last few years, building up quite the back catalogue.  Whilst many see his works as eclectic at best, I have always relished his albums for their original concepts and peculiarities, making each new release differ dramatically from its predecessor.

On ‘Terre de Pierres’ I did actually turn up my nose at the press blog.  The mere mention of field recordings makes my blood run cold and I usually find a lot of music created in this medium a ridiculous waste of time.  Luckily for us, Lingouf has utilised the natural sound recordings well.  If anything, Vincent has mastered the craft of taking each sound and folded it into the programming in a way I haven’t heard before and many of his peers when taking on such a genre should sit back and take note; ‘Varionuguicaa’ being a prime example of this.

All in all, this album is a relatively quiet affair from start to finish.  Cleverly pieced together into Individual electronic montages of individuality, once again this will not be everyone’s cup of tea; such is its obscurity even for this project.  I do however take my hat off to him for yet again approaching his art from an entirely different angle and still remaining as barking mad as ever, even if the end result doesn’t quite match the excellence of previous releases.


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