LEVAS MAGMAS: Acts of Worship CDr/DVDr Existence Establishment

LEVAS MAGMAS: Acts of Worship  CDr/DVDr Existence Establishment

My initial reaction to this release was towards the DIY packaging that is reminiscent of punk ethos.  Either way, this has been well put together and it warmed my cockles somewhat smelling the glue and paint and trying to prise the CDr out of the neatly patched together digipak.

Musically, the bedrock of this album is bedded down in Dark Ambient circles.  An old school industrial vibe resonating over individual tracks in machine like drones, whilst clattering scraps of metal fall together in on their way to the smelting forge.  It’s not entirely inventive, nor is it original, but does serve a purpose in the genre, which this album is pinpointed within.

The accompanying DVDr utilises source material from newsreels, to diabolic atrocities and so forth.  Essentially I would expect to see this played out at any live action Levas Magmas took part in and to some effect adds the necessary ingredient that is sorely lacking when taking on this release in a purely aural environment.

‘Acts of Worship’, is by no means a bad album when collectively packaged with the DVDr.  However, there is little on offer in the grand scheme of things, when there are so many other artists out there providing a vast amount of work that triple the engagement this project struggles to provide.


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