GM ELECTRONICS: Trashwalker CDr Existence Establishment

GM ELECTRONICS: Trashwalker  CDr Existence Establishment

Packaged within another of EE’s DIY copper and tar infused amalgamations, we have six tracks of OTT digital noise and electronics.  ‘Trashwalker’ was previously released twice on other labels.  I am scratching my head as to why this needed a third outing, but I suppose if there is a market for this then why not.

GM Electronics represent the more visceral, less vocal driven affairs that sit borderline between PE and out and out noise.  There is little on here to take on board as actual ‘songs’, rather than something to clean out the cobwebs or brutalise your neighbours.

It would be all too easy to cast aside this project and indeed this release.  I thoroughly understand where ‘Trashwalker’ is coming from thematically and there isn’t much on here that wouldn’t sit well within any self-respecting all-out-noise addict’s collection.  However, as an album to actually speak about musically, there is little to differentiate the songs on a track-by-track basis and more emphasis for me should be placed on the collectable nature of this limited product, rather than anything pleasurable to listen to.


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