BEREFT/FIRE IN THE HEAD: MA/PE/FU Volume1 LP Existence Establishment

BEREFT/FIRE IN THE HEAD: MA/PE/FU Volume1  LP Existence Establishment

MA/PE/FU markets itself as a series of projected long running releases, with various artists facing off each other on split albums such as this.  I like concepts and projects that come together, reminding me of the days when artists coupled themselves to produce ‘Remix Wars’ albums; it feels remarkably old school.

Andrew Grant and former Force of Nature Productions head honcho Peter Lee are first up with their project, Bereft.  I know Peter very well; so take the subject matter lyrically with a pinch of salt, hoping the majority of this is spat out with their tongues firmly in cheek.  Either way, this is 2012 and the message that comes across is a tad misguided if there is little meaning behind it, if not downright childish.  The music itself is a steady and forceful rampage of power electronics and old time industrialism, which, whilst not providing the impact of their peers, does the job as required.

Next up on the table is the prolific Fire in the Head, with Michael Page’s undercurrents of rich Dark Ambient, providing the foundations to a blister package of rasping electronics and venom-ridden, vocalisations.  The end result being a stable representation of FITH and the majority of the output Page has produced under this banner, which should satiate a lot of his fanbase adequately.

Overall, this initial output is a stable backdrop for an impending variety of works that should provide hours of listening pleasure to shaven headed wearers of wife-beater vests everywhere.  I like my PE a lot, but can’t help sometimes cringe at the subject matter, where those with the loudest voices have so little to actually say.


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