ØYVIND SKARBØ: Die, Allround Handwerker CDr +3dB

ØYVIND SKARBØ: Die, Allround Handwerker CDr +3dB

Behold the most pointless release I have heard all year long. Considering the background of this ‘artist’ hailing as a professional live drummer, it’s quite the surprise to hear a complete lack of any percussion on this release whatsoever.

‘Die, Allround Handwerker’, spans eight tracks of just over 32 minutes, comprising of nothing but field recordings from what appears to be a tape recorder running in the background, whilst he messes around in his garden shed or something. Well, that’s at least what it appears to be.

This is one of the most futile exercises in audio I have ever had land on my doorstep, or had the misfortune to listen to; the mind boggles.


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